Of Lunatics and Trolls…!

OK…! Where do I even begin to start? To say things have been quite interesting would be quite the understatement. To say things have been amusing would be very apt!

As most of you would know by now, there’s been a mini war of sorts happening on kottu for the last couple of days, and it seems to have got quite a lot of attention. Which I personally believe was the whole intention of one very frustrated female out there. Of course another well known sociopath also decided the time was perfect to increase the hit count on his blog by jumping on the band wagon! All in the name of protecting little miss frustrated!

The female of the species, who at first I assumed was just another innocent blogger, started out by being quite fawning over everything I would post, and I must admit, it gave my ego quite the little thrill! But then things started changing and she started taking on the characteristics normally associated with creatures who live under stone bridges (For those of you not too familiar with this subject, legend has it that Trolls tend to live under bridges).

Unfortunately, this phase of her evolution was very short lived, and she soon started manifesting all the signs of being more a very mentally disturbed person than your average Troll. She started posting malicious stories about actual people whom she seems to think exist only in her imagination! I’m sure these people will be very surprised to find out they only exist in this frustrated lunatic’s mind! Imagine the horror of that, being trapped in that mind with all the other weird and frustrated creatures she creates!

She then went on to follow in the extremely muddy footprints of another well known lunatic who happens to think of himself as educated, by posting pictures and personal details of these imaginary people, and that’s when the biggest shock occurred. These people were actually living, breathing, and according to her and her fans, very sexually active people!

The final piece in the puzzle that definitely confirms the mental status of this lunatic, is that she still continues to insist these people exist only in her mind!! Now this just boggles even my normally sane mind. I mean, are these people real or not?

Having tried to talk some sense into both the male and female versions of this new breed of blogger, I have come to the firm conclusion that my chances of achieving any success would be equal to trying to empty the ‘Thotalanga’ garbage dump with a toy bulldozer!

So, what does one do in this situation? Well, I guess I can do what the Drummer Boy from London did and maintain a dignified silence or I can check myself into the same asylum these two lunatics occupy and try and chase them around screaming madly into their ears! Neither of which sound very nice to me.

Or there’s the more attractive option, which I know may sound a tad cruel to some of you more open minded people, which is to stand outside their little glass cells and make fun of them! It’s actually amazing the tantrums these two lunatics throw when they realize that someone has recognized them for what they are, and then starts laughing at them!

They tend to start hurling threats of arrest, and firing from jobs and posting pictures, much like the lunatics at the asylum will resort to throwing their own shit at people who laugh at them! They also try another very effective lunatic tactic, which is to cry helplessly, claiming they’re actually the sanest person around and are being viciously victimized by aliens and other such evil creatures in the blogosphere!

Ok… Ok… I know this post has rambled a bit, but I guess that’s what happens when you hang around two very disturbed individuals. It makes your mind do funny things to itself!

All I wanted to actually say was, watch out for these two sociopathic lunatics while your strolling around the blogosphere, cos they’re probably waiting for their chance to take a quick dump in their hands and fling it at you. Also remember the signs and watch for others who exhibit them!

Cheers  🙂


3 Responses to “Of Lunatics and Trolls…!”

  1. Tulie Says:

    Let it go, neither of them are worth the trouble!

  2. padashow Says:

    You’re a fucktard. Long live the trolls!

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