None so blind as those who will not see

With the present war situation seemingly drawing to a close, more and more people are focusing on the plight of the IDP’s and how we can help them. This is definitely a cause that warrants all of our involvement. We need to be doing our utmost at this time for these people.

But what really gets to me, is seeing the continued protests by certain elements of the Tamil Diaspora around the world. They continue to wave the LTTE flag, block roads and even use their kids to hold posters with gruesome images. All in the vain attempt to call on the international community to save the LTTE and their sociopath leader!

It simply boggles my mind as to how these people cannot see what’s happening to the innocent Tamils of the North and East because of the continued armed militancy of the LTTE. They have ample evidence at their fingertips of how bad the situation is for the people still being held hostage by the LTTE and yet they continue to scream and shout about how the LTTE is the sole voice of representation for the Tamil people!

I wonder when, if ever, these elements will finally accept that a mistake was made by them in supporting a megalomaniac who wanted to be elevated to the status of a god. Maybe it’s just that they don’t want to admit to themselves how badly they were fooled by the ‘Sun God’ who was willing to sacrifice thousands of innocents just to achieve his personal dreams.

On the other hand, I was having a little chat with a colleague in office, and was once again amazed at the blindness displayed by him. Of course, this time around the blindness was directed towards the corruption and abuse of power that’s rampant in the ruling powers that be!

He was absolutely adamant in his opinion that the present leaders and their allies in power can do no wrong. Even when confronted with the numerous stunts pulled by the now infamous Doctor politico and his son, the recent shooting incidents that happened during the PC elections, his reaction was just to smirk annoyingly and brush them off as simply nothing compared to what others used to do when in power. Once again even with ample evidence of corruption and abuse available at his fingertips, this person simply refused to accept any truth in such allegations.

I find myself asking the question, was the line ‘none so blind as he who will not see’ written many ages ago with us Sri Lankans in mind?

Isn’t it high time we Sri Lankans, both resident and diaspora, stopped behaving like the fabled frog in the well and opened our eyes to what’s actually going on? Maybe the day we can achieve that as a country is when we’ll actually have a future to pass on to our kids.

Until then, I think the line stands as a one line description of most Sri Lankans, whatever race they may be…


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One Response to “None so blind as those who will not see”

  1. Sigma Delta Says:

    It is indeed unbelievable that a vast majority are willing to accept “little bit’ of murder and thuggery and corruption is OK as long as we teach ‘those people’ (meaning the Tigers and anyone not a Sinhalese) a good lesson. That innocent people – the elderly, women and children are dying is seemingly casually brushed aside on the basis that they supported the Tigers, and if the LTTE can do things like that, why cant we?!

    It is indeed a sad reflection upon us as a people

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