A fat Indian cow ‘moos’ in desperation!

Was just surfing through the latest headlines on various news sites, when I came across a really shocking one!

“Will have Indian army create Tamil Elam – Jayalalitha”

Apparently in a pre-election speech made in TamilNadu, Jayalalitha has openly promised that if she is voted into power, she will promptly send in the Indian army to forcibly carve out an independent country in Sri Lanka’s north and east!

My very first reaction was a stunned ‘WTF…????’ and even now I’m having serious issues with dealing with such a statement. Who the hell does this fat, aging politician from TamilNadu think she is?

Having seen all the ‘concerned’ and ‘sorrowing’ politicians in TamilNadu get up to various publicity stunts in order to try and claw their way to power in the forthcoming elections, I’m tempted to write this speech off as yet another such comical ploy.

But then again, I’m fucking insulted!Ā  Does this fat cow seriously think we Sri Lankans are just going to sit back and accept the fact that some dosai and wadai eating hoard of Indians are in our country to set up a separate state for the glorification of a maniacal killer?

We Sri Lankans have been through thirty years of terror thanks to the constant interfering of these very same TamilNadu politicians. It’s true, they’ve at various times nurtured and attacked the LTTE according to what the prevailing political climate, but overall they have a lot to answer for when it comes to the success of the LTTE and their terror tactics.

Now, just as we’re on the verge on defeating this psychopath and his leadership, up pops a geriatric cow in TamilNadu, making promises to invade Sri Lanka and do exactly what the LTTE failed to do!

I just have one thing to say to this old cow….

Go stick the Indian army and Tamil Eelam up your fat ass, cos there’s certainly enough room in there for them all…!!

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6 Responses to “A fat Indian cow ‘moos’ in desperation!”

  1. Dee Says:

    dirty politics and ignorant masses. what a soup… šŸ˜¦

  2. Santhoshi Says:

    Her speeches a few years back are an exact opposite of what she is talking about now….. Jeyalalitha has no clue what she is talking about.

  3. vattalappam Says:

    Sure she does. There’s an election in a few weeks and the voting public is getting upset at the ‘dosai and wadai eating’ subgroup of Sri Lankans being killed across the way. One of her people has already tried to moderate her words, but both Karunanidhi and she will continue one-upping each other until May 13th. I’m sure it’ll all go away immediately after election day but until then you’ll have to enjoy the spectacle.

    I wonder what impact this will have on the perennially insecure southern politicians who apparently live in fear of of the indo-tamil menace?

  4. David Blacker Says:

    Er… only the central government can order the Indian Army to do anything.

  5. Gary Says:

    Even if the cow becomes the PM she will not be able to order the Indian Army to Srilanka. It will amount to an invasion. No country can invade another like that. Any by the way you guys really think that this cow will make to the PMs post. She and You have got to be joking.

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      @ Gary – I don’t think you got the gist of my post. But thanks for the comment anyway šŸ™‚

      @ David – What she has said is that if she is elected AND if a central government that listens to her is elected THEN she will get the army in here

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