Oops… Your Slip is showing Ms. Clinton!


This is an Afghan child who was injured in the recent US led air strikes in Afghanistan…

I guess he looks like a Al Qaida terrorist to Ms. Hillary Clinton huh?

‘Nuff said about America’s double standards…!!


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7 Responses to “Oops… Your Slip is showing Ms. Clinton!”

  1. N Says:

    Anyone hear any calls for Pakistan to stop fighting extremists and start negotiating? Anyone??

  2. Gadgetgirl Says:

    Why is the world pretty dormant or rather paralysed when US of A kills innocent lives???
    & pretty hyped when the rest are???

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      Precisely my point… When they kill civilians its just ‘collateral damage’….!

  3. Nayagan Says:


    the answer is obvious and has been for sometime. The Pakistani power structure is filled with Taliban sympathizers and has been for some time AND the entire fucking world recognizes that. What rock sheltered your furrowed brows while all this was going on?

    TKRP and Gadgetgirl,

    Again, the answers are blindingly obvious. HRC is a hypocrite. But she did not become one overnight. I’m sure your deep knowledge of American politics and history led you to the correct conclusion, and not some globalized disdain for America and American foreign policy oft propagated by unwashed college students wearing Che shirts (The butcher of la cabana is hip!) and wrapping keffiyehs around their scrawny-from-veganism necks.

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      @ Nayagan,

      IMHO, it’s not just HRC who’s a hypocrite, but almost all Americans. They’re fine with their armed forces killing kids in Afghanistan and Iraq, torturing terror suspects in remote locations, but have to squeal like self-righteous pigs when someone else adopts their same tactics!

  4. N Says:

    Nagayan…sooo basically Pakistan is waging its war against itself…and as such killing civilians is ok? How exactly did you make that connection?

  5. TheWhacksteR Says:

    The Pakistani power structure probably does have a few Taliban sympthisers there. But lets not forget what region ‘the war against terror’ is actually detabilsing. And lets wonder who that destabilisation benefits in the end of the day. Keeping in mind on whose doorstep the war on terror is really occuring. Russia India and China are just a border away. America has just got to blow the wind in some subtle manner to give thse guys a headahce..

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