The Cowardly Custard…!! ;)

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the newest trend in Sri Lanka’s blogging scene? There seems to be a radical increase in people who seem to think it’s cool to try and threaten and blackmail others into either deleting their blogs or editing their posts.

The newest entrant into this rather twisted field of blogging is someone who likes people to think he/she/it is a wonderful combination of sugar and spice, but unfortunately comes across more as a bit of a rotten egg desert! More a Cowardly Custard than anything else. He/she/it proudly claims to be responsible for the deletion of ‘Charm Bracelet’ and ‘Indyana’ and has now published a list of people to be further targeted.

Now, while I do understand there may be a very few people who would be intimidated by this sort of creature, does he/she/it seriously believe that everyone who’s been listed will be shaking in their shoes and running to delete their blogs??

I’m sure most of the bloggers mentioned on this particular site are probably having a hard time controlling the urge to piss themselves right now… not with fear as the Cowardly Custard hopes… but by laughing so hard at the thought of being threatened by someone as childish as this.

I actually had the bad experience of having just taken a sip of hot coffee when I read the latest post by Cowardly Custard… Not a pleasant thing to have said hot coffee come shooting out through your nose…! Of course the other guys in office found that to be almost as funny as the threats made on Cowardly Custard’s blog!

This creature has also happened to mention how it’s insulting to be compared to the formerly unknown but now infamous NB, but IMHO, the Cowardly Custard is a few degrees below that level too. He/she/it doesn’t even have the balls to blog under a real name like NB did, instead, this creature prefers to hide behind a computer and attack other bloggers who have done nothing to deserve such attacks.

Of course, I’m sure in this Cowardly Custard’s twisted little mind (Where there are many voices running around in straight jackets), the people on the list have been personally responsible for much persecution and harassment of this poor creature!

Anyways, I’d seriously love to hear what you guys think about these threats. Are you gonna go into hiding or continue to blog?

I’m sure I already know the answer to that question of course… Not everyone as cowardly as the Cowardly Custard… So here’s looking forward to reading lots of more interesting posts!



24 Responses to “The Cowardly Custard…!! ;)”

  1. Dee Says:


  2. black Says:

    little voice ppl running around in straight jackets 😀 lol!
    who died and made him the god of the blogsphere anyway? this pathetic fool is not worth the effort.

  3. RD Says:

    I disagree with Dee.

    I think f

  4. David Blacker Says:

    I think nb

  5. Indyana Says:

    Well, from what I’m seeing I’m glad to be out of here!

  6. CC's Death Says:

    Give me 96 hours and Cowardly Custard will be striped in front of Kottu community

  7. Nefarious Says:

    posted the same commment over and over

  8. Marko Caine Says:

    CC’s Death knows so much about CC that s/he has to beg for an email address. That sounds real smart. As smart as nb

  9. David Blacker Says:

    Ha ha. So NB creates a villain (CC) to kill his own now embarrassing blog, then once that’s gone, uses the villain to terrorize Kottu, then creates a hero (CCD) to kill the villain, claiming he’s gonna “stripe” CC and reveal him as well as the hero who saved the day. Any guesses as to who the unveiled villain and hero will be? Lol.

  10. CC's Death Says:

    Marko Caine,

    Don’t be stupid. It was a friendly warning to CC to resolve this without “blog shed”


    Wrong theory again. You simply don’t get it. You published a wrong theory about NB and now this. Just keep your big mouth shut till you get to it. Read my last call to CC

  11. CC's Death Says:

    Hey Blacky… I forgot my theme music..

    Pappa paaaa papara pa paaaaa…

    Hey wud you play Perry White in this movie? Comon! I adore u as my guru.

    dint u know, just about anything is planning a movie on this?

  12. CC's Death Says:

    Marko Caine, Marko Caine, 🙂 You know what I know. Aren’t you?

  13. DD Says:

    I kinda now find this a bit sad, really sad, sad you no. Just imagine the mind of NB and how lonely life must be in Australia to go to all this trouble, find all these pix from image banks, not realising that these pix are formatted with keywords so its easy to see that it’s from an image bank!
    No friends, no life, just blogging 24/7 and thinking of these really foolish, kindergarten schemes and trying to hack into other people’s blogs.
    That’s it, that’s NB’s life in a nutshell.
    Seriously sad.
    Pauly I guess it’s decent of you to write this post as it must make the day for NB, well at least for a day.
    Just think about it people, making an ass of oneself knowing that you are not fooling anyone?
    NB – Please get some help. If we have a bad tooth we go to a dentist. Broken radiator to a car mechanic. You have something wrong with your head, go see a psychiatrist. There’s no need to be ashamed about it.

  14. DD Says:

    PS: NB cant wear female panties for ever no? Go buy some proper jocks, maybe then you’ll grow some balls.

  15. DD Says:

    It’s past midnight in Aussie now, sleep tight Nibby. Can’t wait to see what you do when you see my comments. Chuckles…
    Silly boy, silly.

  16. Dee Says:

    lol RD. I was actually trying to see if Romeo had comment moderation. Turns out he didn’t hehehe…

    So yes…my opinon will remain as…e.

  17. marko caine Says:

    Chillie choc’s death is also nibras bawa as you can see. Bad grammar, bad spelling, worse composition. Ha ha

  18. Serendib_isle Says:

    Not even 24 hours and CC is exposed! Its NB – what an idiot!

  19. David Blacker Says:

    And NB claims to have gone to St Thomas’. Guess English spelling and grammar isn’t a priority in Mt Lavinia anymore. Just have a look at the comments above by NB. Lol.

  20. DD Says:

    Davy forget about STC, what about Harvard, a Harvard man who writes in this manner?

  21. delilahsays Says:

    Harvard AND Monash :p

  22. Java Jones Says:

    This guy is seriously messed up!

  23. Lost Brain Says:

    Way too uncool. Just found this here.
    Also found this

    there was some maharajah too if i remember. Whats going on really? bloggers shouldn’t close their blogs no matter what. Thats immoral.

  24. thekillromeoproject Says:

    @ Lost Brain, – This is exactly the point I’m trying to make, Cowards like this should be called out and challenged! The other option is to ignore them totally… 🙂

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