Put up or shut up time…!!

In the middle of all the joyous posts and articles celebrating the end of the war on terrorism, I couldn’t help reading quite a few foreign news agency reports and opinions that tend to harp on what action the West should take with regard to the ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ and ‘War Crimes’ that’re happening in Sri Lanka.

Some advocate the US and European countries should undertake their own investigations and take the powers that be to task. Others encourage the view that economic sanctions should be put in place to force the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) to cooperate with the inquiries. One columnist in the ‘TimesOnline’ has even advised the US to block the much needed IMF loan, claiming that Sri Lanka does not deserve to be helped.

Forgive me for sounding a bit naive here, but wasn’t it these very people who for the past several months been harping about the well being of the IDP’s and how bad things were for them? They even went to the extent of threatening the GOSL and in turn the people of Sri Lanka with extreme sanctions on the lines of Zimbabwe, unless an immediate ceasefire was declared. Well, the war is over, they’ve got the ceasefire they wanted, maybe not in the manner they hoped for, but it’s still an end of hostilities right? So why then are these governments still threatening sanctions?

As I see it, the immediate need of the day is to ensure the rehabilitation of the IDP’s. They desperately need to be provided with food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, etc. in order for them to regain what 3 decades of war has taken away from them. The GOSL and the people of Sri Lanka are doing their utmost right now to tackle a situation for which they were ill prepared. We need all the help we can get right now in order to put these people back on their feet, and IMHO the West seems pretty determined to shoot our efforts down in a blaze of hypocrisy!

Right now what Sri Lanka and its people need is not self righteous posturing but straight forward pledges of support that aren’t couched in conditions and demands that are guaranteed to make the situation worse and even prolong the suffering of these poor people!

I seriously think it’s high time the West understood that we Sri Lankans are getting pretty tired of the sanctimonious preaching being directed at us in our time of need. We’re also pretty tired of the double standards adopted by the West, that makes it OK for them to carry out air strikes against civilians in Afghanistan, but prevents them from providing vital aid to a struggling democracy that’s trying to help its people!

IMHO, it’s high time the West either put up or shut up!!

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4 Responses to “Put up or shut up time…!!”

  1. dee Says:

    it just annoys them that china is helping us and we’ve stopped bein bothered to what they say 😀

  2. Dee Says:

    http://colomborantings.blogspot.com/2009/05/join-up-for-video-collage.html if u have time 😉 tx!

  3. N Says:

    I wonder how many people in the west lose sleep over the 70,000 Japanese civilians killed in Hiroshima in the blink of an eye to maintain their security and safety. I’m not trying to belittle the civilian casualties…but it was a war and the LTTE would not have any other option. It seems to me that for most people in the west, as long as the innocents were killed a couple of decades ago during their quest for security, their lives do not matter.

  4. kalusudda Says:

    N it is 140,000 in Hiroshima and 80000 in Nagasaki. I cry every time I visit the monument and there are 1.5million refugees in Pakistan today! Iraqi body count could be anywhere from 100000 to 1.2 million (http://fairuse.100webcustomers.com/itsonlyfair/dstar02.html)
    West is full of self righteous frigging bastards that try to cover their tracks with others. Specially Miliband and the crew who thinks anybody who is not white could not be doing the right thing. They were never concerned, truly about people who are suffering. If they did, SL must be covered with aid now.
    War crimes, I think we should not go there, there are still people in Guantanamo bay held without trials. And Bush is enjoying summer Barbeque’s.
    The IMF loan, might come in the way of SL soon as US signed a bill to allow it to pass if it helps to prevent balance of payment deteroriation. Other aid will be blocked until SL shows it has taken steps to help IDPs.
    SL should play the game the same way the west is playing it. There is no use getting angry about it,(they want SL to get angry because they actually lost with their threats) just put the ball back in their court. Prove it to the world because of few numskulls, west is actually harming the IDPs. I am not good at political games but I am sure this could be played very well and make every one in SL come through. SL needs some good brains and good thinking. (I think it has! 🙂 I like to see SL banning English cricket in five year time because english mistreating the Tamil people there. I bet that it will come to that.

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