Britain’s got brains Jan…

Well, it certainly looks like the British voting public has got a lot more brains than the MP’s they’ve elected in the past. While MP’s like Miliband have been turning cartwheels trying to get the world to listen to LTTE focused propaganda, the public decided to send a message of its own. A message that very clearly said ‘NO’ to voices of terror in their parliament!

At the recently concluded European Parliamentary elections, Jan Jananayagam, who stood as an independent candidate with a platform of ‘Tamil genocide’ was beaten quite soundly by the saner voices in the race. But seriously, what else did she really expect? The British public want candidates who are focused on their issues, not on issues of people who live thousands of miles away. They rightly perceived that Jan, if elected, would spend most of her time crying wolf about the GOSL than worrying about the problems in her own constituency.

In spite of much hype created on her websites and on Tamilnet about how rap ‘superstar’ and ‘Eezham heroine’ MIA was lending her enormous support, even going to the extent of wearing a ‘Vote for Jan’ T-shirt, Jan was just a non-entity in the final count. Even the offer of a free MIA download for every vote wasn’t enough to tempt those stiff upper lips into a smile of approval. Maybe the British taste in music doesn’t really run too much to the ‘Boom, Boom, Bang, Bang’ genre of music that MIA puts out.

I’m sure, given the immense creativity and intelligence of the Tamilnet journalists, we’ll soon see ‘top secret’ documents leaked from somewhere that indicate there was mass scale vote rigging carried out by the anti-Tamil elements in Europe. Naturally this could be the only way to explain how such an intelligent and honest candidate such as Jan could be defeated ya?

After all is said and done Jan, you could have put those thousands of pounds spent on campaigns and promo materials to a much better use, like maybe sending to a charity that’s working on the ground here in Sri Lanka. I’m sure they could have put those funds to much better use in feeding and clothing the innocent civilians you claim to speak for!

But seriously, I’m not in the least bit surprised, we’ve seen 30 years of war funded by people like Jan. She was very proud of her stripes, so why should she change now? What she doesn’t realize is the British public have also seen her stripes and recognized her for what she is. A voice of terror.


3 Responses to “Britain’s got brains Jan…”

  1. Nayagan Says:

    “People like Jan”

    what? this from the unflinching paddler of Diaspora moral bottoms? Just call them all out and tell them to stay where they are? No need for hundreds of words. No need to convince any single Tamil. They are all cowards, right? 50,000 alone in the UK! Can’t spare the time to convince just one of the merits of your own argument.

  2. s. Says:

    Jan did pretty well for an independent..

    “Jan Jananayagam gained more votes than some political parties in the London region and more than all the other independents in the UK put together.”


    There were more factors in her loss than just Britain rejecting her outright… the election results show that Britain has skewed to the right. And while she was became known for her stand on Sri Lanka, she did have other issues (to quote BBC: she “had a range of policies including financial transparency, the environment and women’s rights.”), and allegedly received support from a wider community than just LTTE supporters.

    I personally think she never had a chance in getting elected, even if British voters were more left inclined. However, her campaign did keep the Tamil Diaspora campaign in the spotlight a bit longer, so they’re probably not seeing it as a complete loss.

  3. ying_yang Says:

    I disagree. Voter turn out in for European Parliamentary elections is notoriously low. People simply don’t care enough. Therefore sufficient numbers of voters dedicated to a single agenda – for example LTTE supporting diaspora – can ensure any light weight candidate like J.J can win – perhaps next time around.

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