All things pork…!

There was this idea that came to me some time ago and then sort of got buried under the usual load of nonsense that occupies my mind space. Not that it wasn’t an important idea or anything, it just got tucked away for discussion at a later date. So here it is,

Is it just me or have any of you happened to notice that quite a lot of eating establishments have an aversion to serving pork dishes? Some even go down the road to hell and damnation by serving something they call ham and bacon, but in reality is actually chicken! How the hell can chicken be called ham or bacon?? If its not from a pig, then it’s definitely not bacon!

One of the main reasons I used to enjoy going to my College club was because they had a really good pork dish for bites. But that’s no longer the case as the kitchen management has changed and the new guys seem to be anti-pork! I think that’s pretty ridiculous, they’ve surely got to cater to the tastes of all the members of the club ya? After all, I think as a life member of the club, I have more of a say in what should be served by the kitchen than the owners of the said kitchen! I have already voiced my disappointment to the club and they’re discussing a way to rectify the issue.

Anyways, having discussed this issue with a few other pork lovers (while munching discontentedly on a chicken wing), I feel there definitely is a very big niche market here in Colombo for an exclusive pork restaurant. Sort of like a pork lovers heaven. I mean imagine a restaurant that would serve only pork related dishes? Starting with breakfast dishes like ham and eggs, bacon and eggs, pork sausages and pork waffles through to a dinner menu that offered pork chops, pork knuckles, pork barbecues and a range of fried and deviled pork bites! They could even offer takeaway stuff like double pork burgers and fried pork riblets!

I definitely would be a very loyal patron of such an establishment and I’m sure there are loads of other pork lovers out there who would not hesitate to make this place their first choice when deciding where to go for a bite to eat. Throw in a well stocked bar and you’ve just created paradise!

So what says you guys, is there a food and business minded individual out there who would like to take this idea on and provide a haven for people like me who don’t give an oink about swine flu and feel very discriminated against when reading through a menu?

I’m sure we can even get your advertising done in exchange for meal vouchers… πŸ™‚


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28 Responses to “All things pork…!”

  1. Delilah Says:

    lol πŸ™‚ i can gurantee at least 5 loyal (daily) patrons

  2. Foodie Says:

    I asked the Fab people and they told me it was about the Muslim clientele – many won’t eat in a establishment that serves pork. That’s why the Fab now only has chicken bacon which is an Frankenstein-like abomination against God and humanity.

    But many Buddhists also now don’t eat red meat – beef or pork. That’s why rice packets with beef curry can’t be found everywhere like you used to be able to. The Buddhist argument against eating red meat but eating chicken and fish, in my opinion is ridiculous: kukulata anukampawak nedde?

    A few stalwarts like the Green Cabin and the Cinnamon Grand’s Coffee Stop still hold out, using real bacon.

    But it is a bit like the Helms Deep scene in Lord of the Rings before Gandalf arrives. Maybe Romeo can throw the chicken bacon into the fires of Mordor and destroy it so that it never bothers us again.

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      Well I don’t think we need to worry too much about Muslims not coming to this restaurant. It will be well advertised as a pork only haven! Keeping my fingers crossed that some enterprising person will pick up this idea!

    • Arkitektonic Says:

      “kukulata anukampawak nedde?”

      spot on…. foodie…. why is it that in this so called Buddhist country its so hard to find a decent vegetarian restaurant then! BS..!@

  3. sam Says:

    pork curry. black coconut pork curry. wildbow pork. pork with kangkung. pork fried rice. samgyupsal. daeji bulgogi. pork in pinappe. fried pork. pork chops. pork ribs. pork shoulders. pork marsala. sweet and sour pork. pork fajita pasta. apple braised pork. pork in peanut sauce. pork stew. pork sausages. grilled pork. german pork hocks. Pork with Spinach. honey glazed ham. spicy blt sandwich. pork roasts. baby back ribs. bifana. zucchini and pork soup. pork sausage gravy. pork tenderloin in bourbon. kalua pork. pork stroganoff. pork casserole. pork steak burritos. pork tamales. honey glazed pork tenderloin. pork soup. pork tacos. orange pork. basil pork.vpork rinds. pickled pigs feet. homemade bacon. pork pie. bacon wrapped pork. stuffed.vpork chops. jalapeno ham and eggs. garlic pork. pepperpot. pork stir fry. pulled pork. berkshire pork. pork kebabs. baked. pork chow mein. crock pot pork roast. pork steak. pork loin. ham fritters. pork chop casserole.

    Let me know when the Heaven is open!

  4. David Blacker Says:

    And don’t forget to invite Rehani/NB for the grand opening. A welcome drink and a lingus sausage on the house.

  5. Dee Says:

    I think the Chinese called pork the 7 layers of heaven. Referring to the different layers of fat and lean I guess…

  6. javajones Says:

    Jalapeno ham and eggs sounds scrumptious – among a whole slew of other stuff there in Sam’s menu. Great idea!

  7. Azrael Says:

    Now this would be a place I wouldn’t mind having a life time membership πŸ˜€

  8. pissu perera Says:

    this made my mouth water. ham and pineapple pizza and fried pork with cashew nuts (to be had with an alcohol of your choice of course) for the menu please! shall be there everyday, family history of cholesterol notwithstanding.

  9. Rehani Says:

    Saw this SICK post long ago but my silence was intentional. I wanted to see the response to your post first. Sin men… Sheesh.. you’ve got only 10 customers so far. That is after 9 days πŸ˜›

    That said, how about some buffalo brain roast for you? πŸ˜›

    On a serious note, if you ARE REALLY into advertising as you say, you would appreciate Muslims are the highest spenders on entertainment, clothing and FOOD. “Thambila kanawa vedi” is an insights i learnt. We Muslims do have the bargaining power and are able to dictate terms which is why even up market restaurants don’t serve pork. To the contrary you find everyone applying for “Halal” certification from “Jamiyathul Ulama”, the muslim halal food certification body.

    If you are serious about this idea, think about the financial implications. Idea may sound good but honestly not viable financially unless you are able to find some fisher folk along negombo-chillaw highway. May be even Ja-ela area. I haven’t seen PORK anywhere else in SL.

    No prejudice but a feedback from a muslim who will be the last person to enter your new venture πŸ˜›

    @ David the Pigeon head,
    You are FUNNY as ever. God save the planet πŸ˜›

  10. thekillromeoproject Says:

    @ Rehani –

    “Saw this SICK post long ago”

    Sick is probably how I would describe the Halal way of killing cattle. But then that’s my personal opinion.

    “you’ve got only 10 customers so far. That is after 9 days”

    If I can get 10 very enthusiastic responses (Including an extensive menu) just with a blog post, I’m pretty sure of getting a much bigger response with a proper ad campaign!

    “you would appreciate Muslims are the highest spenders on entertainment, clothing and FOOD”

    The whole point is that I’m not too worried about the food preferences of Muslims, rather would concentrate on the likings of pork lovers. There’re enough places pandering to the Muslims at present.

    “Idea may sound good but honestly not viable financially unless you are able to find some fisher folk along negombo-chillaw highway. May be even Ja-ela area. I haven’t seen PORK anywhere else in SL.”

    You have obviously never heard of the ‘Matara Bath Kade’ or ‘Ruhunusiri Bath Kade’ in Borella, both of which of a large, dedicated Colombo 7 clientele, and have been running very profitably for over 15 years!

  11. thekillromeoproject Says:

    P.S. Also this ‘Sick’ post seems to have generated a lot of interest, with over 250 hits in just 9 days. More than I can say about your posts! πŸ™‚

  12. Rehani Says:

    Ok OK Cool Cool πŸ˜› Nothing serious πŸ˜›

    Pork Lovers ? Do they really exist ? Is it big enough a market? Just see what happend to the Go nuts Donuts guys. Only during the first week did they have a reasonable crowd. They claimed to be the only speciality Donuts cafe in SL. Yesterday i saw them calling for Pastry Chef and Cooks. Now how does that fit in with EXCLUSIVE donuts image?

    Similarly you may end up hiring “Halal” cooks πŸ˜› Just a thought though. You can’t have exclusivity in FOOD and Catering business. Can you?

    Do you remember Khebabish restaurant at Colpetty? It was catering Pakistani food targeting only Bohras. They failed. Then came Kayaban at Colpetty, they too failed because Bohras are a small community.

    How about Nandos, the speciality chicken restaurant? They closed down. KFC serves Kottu and Biriyani. Dinemore serves Rice & Curry. I mean no one managed to stick to their EXCLUSIVE CORE as it were. So Pork plus something else if at all, but not exclusively pork.

    No I haven’t heard of Matara kade and Ruhusiri kade. Been to Pillawoos though !

    Sorry about the “SICK” word usage, didn’t mean anything bad, nonethless let me apologize.

    No I don’t count my blog hits though I have installed Google analytics on my blog. Can’t be bothered really. That MENU was a copy and paste work straight off the net πŸ˜› Everyone knows to Google πŸ˜›

  13. residentprincess Says:

    Wouldn’t mind a predominantly pork restaurant. Think it would be a brilliant idea. Can guarantee 30 of my friends as loyal clientΓ¨le. πŸ™‚

  14. someone Says:

    i have heard of the matara batt kade and the ruhunusiri bakery. love pork. i dont think it’s good for health though. watch it!

    • thekillromeoproject Says:

      Actually, pork is known as the ‘other white meat’, and if prepared minus the layers of fat is actually more healthy than chicken! Of course taking the fat out of the pork also takes the whole ‘drool’ factor out too! πŸ™‚

  15. someone Says:

    i know that alternative meat is very popular in the east, in maha oya to begin with. The common people there can afford vegatables, let alone exotic hide. But, celebrations normally consist of anything from boar, to crocodile (nothing strange there) to deer. Would it be legal to have alternative meats served at your pork restaurant as well? Then for the more health conscious of us, we could eat something like crocodile.
    Pork, with other strange friends.

  16. someone Says:

    you could call it the big bad wolf.

  17. Ni Says:

    Taking the fat out of pork is good, if you are going to eat only the fat.

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