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The guy in frilly panties has his mouth full…!

August 4, 2009

I couldn’t help but almost piss myself laughing when I happened to read a certain post on Kottu which was a gleeful yet malicious celebration of the suspension of another, more famous, Kottu blog.

This particular blogger who claims to be a female from the isle of Thambapani, but in reality just loves to wear frilly panties to cover his non-existent balls when typing posts, couldn’t wait to be the first blogger on Kottu to break the news about the suspension of ‘theblacklightarrow’.

Sadly, even as the lingerie wearing she-male was in the process of thumping out as many multi-syllable words as possible, the good guys at WordPress had already restored ‘theblacklightarrow’ to it’s rightful place.

I’m just managing to get my breath back after laughing so hard, and reading what has to be the shortest post ever written by this G-string obsessed crusader. Gone is the verbal diarrhea, Gone is the multi-syllable gobble di gook. All that remains is just three short lines about the new developments!!

I guess the Victoria’s Secret pin-up boy has his mouth full at the moment eating his own words to be able to type very much more!!