Mahinda or Sarath?

Given the current political climate that seems to be raining elections like a monsoonal cloudburst, I’ve been talking to a few people about the latest developments in the country.

Almost 90% of the people seem shocked about the recent news of the attempted appointment of General Sarath Fonseka as the Secretary to the Sports Ministry. The consensus seems to be that it’s an insult to the achievements of this man to offer him such a lowly post.

While the present government has seen fit to reward former LTTE leaders with chief ministerial posts and even appoint them as Vice Presidents of the SLFP, it seems the General doesn’t carry the same weight in the eyes of the government. Maybe the powers that be are afraid that he would steal the limelight away from the politicians who bravely fought the war… from the safety of the political stages in the south and the comfort of their high security residencies.

Strangely enough, no matter who I spoke to, the conversation seemed to ultimately swing in the same direction, with everyone seeming to be convinced the General would be contesting the upcoming presidential elections. Another strange thing was that everyone seemed quite sure that if that were to happen, the General would emerge the winner by a landslide!

So, assuming the battle lines were to be drawn with the General going head to head against the King, who would you cast your vote for?

12 Responses to “Mahinda or Sarath?”

  1. Island Girl Says:

    Fonseka is the latest victim of Karapincha Chinthanaya. Same happened to Dayan Jayatilake. This is no miracle. Sri Lanka the small miracle

  2. saliya Says:

    While I agree with your post, there is one question that you have not addressed. How does the general feel ? Knowing what a down to earth guy he is I find it very difficult to think that he would ever contest an election. He has always remained steady but terribly understated in comparison to those before him. Sometimes these war weary generals do like the peace and quiet in certain small positions. They offer them time for self reflection, time to be with families and defeintely to be away from media. So the question is “what are his aspirations ?”

  3. Ahamed Nizar Says:

    I was suprised to hear about his being appointed Sports Secretary. A man of his stature should be given a much higher post. People tend to forget with all the billboards of MR and Gota around that it was actually Sarath who did 90% of the War Winning.
    Maybe its Sarath’s introduction into politics and soon if and when he does run for president he knows how everything works.
    My vote goes for him.

  4. David Blacker Says:

    Don’t be silly, Island Girl. He hasn’t been removed from CDS. The sports slot is just an additional slot. Probably so that he gets a chance to travel out of the country on official business, watch a few matches etc.

  5. DD Says:

    Agree with DB. Anyways he’s best of friends with Gota so would never contest against any Rajapakse.
    I thought you said ex-CJ, Sarath. Now that would be interesting!

  6. thekillromeoproject Says:

    @ DD – I don’t think the ex CJ has the personality or the appeal to pull the vote of the masses unlike the general.

  7. DD Says:

    Machan ex-CJ is a real wild card. Always had/has ‘dharmishta’ presidentle aspirations. Viable JHU candidate. I believe this is why he fell out with MR.

  8. DD Says:

    PS: doesn’t smoke or drink. Vegetarian. Other than weakness for young models!

  9. Suresh Says:

    Also a weakness for a certain lady judge…!

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  12. whoever Says:

    what about keith noyer (however his name is spelt) is that what we want for our democracy? a military man? next will a great executioner, be rewarded with a president’s post? a man used to ordering hundreds killed, with executive powers?

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