The one eyed guy is a traitor…

I’m sure many of you have at some time or the other heard of the saying “In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king”. It’s one of those easily understandable sayings that make perfect sense the very first time you come across it ya?

I mean what could be simpler than imagining a country full of blind people who naturally make the one person who can even partially see their king?

But as of late, I’ve been thinking that whoever came up with this saying was in a way foretelling the future of our beloved paradise isle. After all, people would have to be blind (And stupid too) to continue to vote in and defend candidates who have openly flouted all rules of law and order ya?

But that’s exactly what happened in the most recent elections that we had. Candidates who made death threats, burnt down campaign offices and even one who cost the country billions of rupees by trying to fly, were felicitated with a fervor approaching mass hysteria and then given the majority mandate to govern this country!

In fact, judging by the results of the elections, it seems the majority of this country’s voters are more than ready to be blind to the violence and corruption that has become part and parcel of the present political climate of Sri Lanka.

But what about the one eyed man who was supposed to be king of this land? If the saying were to be complete, he would be on the throne and leading the people towards safety and prosperity ya?

Unfortunately, this is where the saying went wrong as far as Sri Lanka goes. Because in the ‘Paradise Isle of the blind’ being able to see, even with one eye, is the most dangerous thing. Anyone who has the ability to see and comment about the violence and corruption, who can see the yawning precipice at the end of the road, is at risk of being branded a liar and a traitor.

So, in today’s context, I think the age old saying needs to be modified a tad to be passed on to our future generations, “In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is a traitor”.


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8 Responses to “The one eyed guy is a traitor…”

  1. chamira Says:

    No, a pirate. OooArrr! Shiver me timbers & all that.

  2. javajones Says:

    One has to wonder if the majority of the voters actually know what the characters of the candidates they vote for are like, or if they are just voting on ‘party’ affiliations. If they do know the candidates as we do and still vote for them, then we are upstream in deep shite without a paddle…

  3. DD Says:

    JJ the vote mainly is for the party and not the individual. As far as Southern Sri Lanka goes, excluding Kattaragama and Tissamaharama, people vote for the party that gave the a deed to their land/job in the government/rice and curry to the table three times a day/tsunami house etc. It’s always material.
    Voting for one party is a habit and fierce loyalty is a given.
    Violence begets violence.
    Pauly as far as I can remember violence has been part and parcel of SL politics. Even pre-LTTE. Houses are burnt, grenades thrown on roads to intimidate people to not vote, roads blocked, etc. The violence part mate is our culture. I think deeply routed in the history of war, colonization and national pride.
    Has politics become more a business and entrepreneurship in which to make money in the last 30 years? It always was Pauly.
    It just was more discreetly done. Remember apple orchards in Aussie and houses on Park Lane in London? The politicians of the past were more keen to spend their wealth in the west, the current buggers do treat Paradise Isle like a giant holiday home they have a 99 year lease for.
    Sorry about long comment machan.

  4. DD Says:

    The last time a Prabath, Ranga or Chaminda were encouraged to talk about what actually happens at a election was Sanjeewa.
    Look what happened to him…

  5. Whacko Says:

    the blind lead the blind afterall

  6. purplesocksismine Says:

    “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

  7. DD Says:

    Machan, unrelated to this post, I am on 8mb broadband connection, everyone’s blog opens really fast, even indi’s with all those photo’s.
    KRP takes a long time to open…

  8. DD Says:

    tagged you:

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