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Letter from the Future…

November 12, 2009

Ok… RD and DD have started off the tagging game again and since I’ve accused of holding up the whole process, here goes my letter to the past.

Hi there past me,

I know you’re going to be pretty cynical about getting a letter that claims to be from your future self, but before you sneer and chuck it in the dustbin, take a chance and read it. Unless of course you’re too scared to see what it says! (See, I know exactly how to get you interested)

Since I know you’ve got a pretty short attention span (That doesn’t get any better with time, trust me on that), I’ll give you the plot line in point form OK?

Firstly, I know the O/Levels don’t really mean much to you right now, but they certainly will to lots of others in the future. So remember, on the day of the art paper, don’t skip the last paper to go chasing after that girl from All Saints College, especially when it involves following her bus all the way home on a Chappy with 2 other guys! It’s not going to go anywhere except to get you an ‘F’ for the day’s effort.

A year’s time from now, the Colombo stock exchange is going to do a presentation on the job prospects available with them, and you’re going to fall hook, line and sinker for the dream of having your own money. It sounds so easy ya? Quit school and start working. What’s so hard about that? But maybe you should think twice about it, cos you’re not going to get that job. In fact the first job you do get after dropping out, involves unloading lorries for 750 Rupees a month with a tea allowance of 10 Rupees a day thrown in cos the boss feels generous!

You’ll go on a double date with your best friend when your 20. Remember, just cos he ends up kissing your date, doesn’t mean you have to kiss his date. That one kiss will lead to so much more and end with a broken heart that’s going to take years to get over. But i still think it’s worth it, cos it’ll be your first experience of real love. 🙂

By the time you hit 21 you’re going to have had the same number of bike accidents, but please, don’t stay away from the bikes. Enjoy the ‘burns’, hit every ‘gap’ that looks scary and ride on the wrong side in traffic. The bikes are something that will give you a rush like nothing you’ve ever experienced! Believe in the saying, live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse. 🙂

Only one of these 21 accidents will be serious, the others will just leave you with a few scars that’ll make you laugh when you get to my age. One piece of advice though, you can avoid the one serious accident by NOT trying to bump 2 guys off their bike in front of the Town Hall. They’re the air force commander’s escorts, dressed in civvies, and trust me; they will try to kill you!

As for sex, believe me, it is as good as you imagine it to be. Don’t think all girls love to do it the way the girls in your favourite porn movie do, but trust me, some do. Just remember one very important thing when your in bed, God didn’t give you a tongue just for talking!

As for the booze, the smokes, the joints, the parties and the fights, enjoy them all. You’ll have lots of opportunities to mess with the harder stuff, but just stick to experiments. Try anything and everything once!

Don’t worry too much about your hair. You’re going to have shoulder length hair for a while and then around my age, you’re going shave it all off again.

You’re going to make a lot of mistakes in your life, but I’m not going to tell you how to avoid them, cos each and every one of them will make you who I am today.

So that’s about it I guess, you can now sneer and chuck this away. I know you’re going to do that and live your life like there’s no tomorrow and this letter couldn’t have possible come from the future. After all, you’re gonna live forever right?